I’d just arrived in Anaheim via train, coming from Costa Mesa where we drank sake and sat in the garden and talked about spirituality.

Turn up the volume and turn on the lights: in Anaheim I was visiting theater friends who all work at Disneyland. Here we crowded into a plastic booth at Del Taco with our burritos on greasy paper in front of us. Here, three crude and charismatic guys folded their long limbs around the table, laughing loudly as they brainstormed names for their softball team. Cly’s Taurus, Clyde’s Tortoise (sound them out…) or maybe Matt’s Ass, but written as Matt Sass, to avoid censorship.

Later that night, we congregated in the cramped hallway of their Stanton apartment, and they immersed themselves in the process of creating a medley of “Timber” by Pitbull ft Ke$ha and “Shiver My Timbers” from the movie Muppet Treasure Island. Curtis played the harmonica for “Timber.” Meanwhile, Matt was in his room learning the sax part of “Baker Street.” It’s hard to pick one favorite moment from the night, but Matt blasting out that solo in the hallway is a serious contender. (I can’t remember if he was wearing his Doctor Who pajamas at that point, but let’s just imagine that he was.)

Later I joined Megan in the kitchen as Hank and Curtis recorded Pitbull’s part of the song. We had to stifle laughs when Curtis said the lines,”…like Miley Cyrus, clothes off, twerkin’ in their bras and thonngggs. Face down, booty up…” Considering that Curtis and I grew up in the church together, it was hard to take his rap seriously, but they kept at it until two or three am. And that’s a wild Monday night with actor folk. One of these days they’ll finish the medley, and I’ll be able to link you to it.


One thought on “Anaheim

  1. I think the sax solo on the original Baker Street (an all-time classic solo, BTW) was done by an uncredited Sonny Rollins. The memory is dim, but I think I’m right. Matt chose solo worthy of emulation.

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