You know you’re a writer when…


you keep pens where your toothbrush is supposed to go.


Diary to Doc: Lost in Translation

Every six months or so, I’ll go back through ALL of my journals since June 2012 (when my journalling really started getting good.) Besides stumbling upon lost memories and fun quotes, lots of writer silliness ensues. Enjoy.

This is what happens when you’re not looking at what you’re typing, and your fingers get off home row:

“od hia Lem ro ewaxuw m” = “of his alarm to rescue him”

“Snf you vrtysinl” = “And you certainly”

When I’m typing quickly, the phrase “on the” ALWAYS gets typed “ont he”

“at the” becomes “ath t”

“to be” becomes “tobe”

“From” becomes”fmor”

I just looked at a sentence written in my journal and then attempted to paste it into a document. Like, I glanced at it in my PHYSICAL journal and attempted to copy&paste it into my computer with my eyes.

There are so many pieces of writing in my journals that I want to eventually expand on; so many sections that need to be typed and editing and made into something. But right now, I’m on a specific mission, so I’m using sticky notes to mark the pages I’ll come back to, especially the examples of mania for my main blog on mental health (among other things.)

And so ends nine hours of furious typing, resulting in 18 thousand words. And the math-inclined can tell us that’s 2000 words per hour. It was basically a marathon of typing, and my hands are still recovering.

Maybe next time I’ll spread out the journal rereads over several days…

Tea Troubles

Back home, after a whirlwind week of travel that took me to Santa Barbara, Irvine, Riverside, Dana Point, Costa Mesa, and Anaheim. I was without my journal for most of the trip (panic attack!) and now that we’ve been reunited, I can hardly write fast enough.

I’m journalling sporadically, trying to keep up with all the observations and experiences that simply MUST be recorded, and I keep forgetting to drink my tea! Every time I pick up my mug, it’s already gone cold. I take a few gulps, make room for more hot water, and pad quietly to the kitchen for a refill. Half an hour later, I find myself yet again with a mugful of lukewarm tea, and tea’s just not satisfying when it’s not steaming. #writerproblems

But there’s a warm cornbag at my feet, and my journal is back in my hands, so this cat is happy. 

P.S. Who knew that “mugful” is a real word


Riddle: What is most frequently lost in the bed?

Potential answers: virginity, dignity…

My answer: pens.

I find pens in my bed constantly.

Last night it was under my pillow. #princessandthepen

Right this minute, I’m taking a break from handwriting some thank you notes, because I moved my covers and now I can’t find my pen. But it’s okay, I know it will turn up eventually, even if it’s in the morning, when I wake up covered in purple ink. #colorfulanguage

Moral of the story: Hold on to your pens… ladies.